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fond but not in love

April 18th, 2009

Spring cleaning continued @ 04:16 pm

I also have:

- a sewing machine
- yarn (no acrylic!) including alpaca, merino, sock yarn, etc
- miscellaneous fabric and other sewing materials

These are available to whomever wants them. I'd appreciate it if you paid postage. The sewing machine was about $40 to ship to the mainland in the past.

Comment if you're interested.
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(no subject) @ 03:54 pm

I am doing a spring cleaning/downsizing/moving sale clearance of books. I have a box of books that I'm willing to ship media mail to the first person who wants them. I'd like at least postage to be paid by the recipient (I estimate ~$20 or less, if usps.com site is accurate). Would be good for either a personal collection or a resource library or nicely divided between both. Mostly, I want them to go to someone who will appreciate them.

So, if you want this excellent grab-bag of books, comment below.

list of booksCollapse )

They're all in good condition. Some have been well-read and some were bought used, but none are moldy, torn, or otherwise mutilated.
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fond but not in love